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Adhesive &Film grade PVB resin
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Polyvinyl butyral resin (PVB) is the synthertic resin composed of PVA and butyl aldehyde withcondensation reaction. It could be solubie in methanol,ethanol,acetone, aromatic solvents, It hashigh transparency, good cold resistance and impact resistance,as well as the good adhesion withglass, ceramic, metal and so on.

Application Scope:

This product is widely used in paper base copper clad,thermal transfer ink,cypress paper printingink,glue metal protection primer, badminton,ceramic color paper, aluminum foil adhesive,

electronic ceramics, silk screen printing ink, casting and resin grinding wheel, straw hat, fibertreating agent and cellulose sponge, etc.

The production capacity of Wanwei company film grade PVB resin is 10000 tons/year. The production PVB film produced by film grade PVB resin is used for making safety glass interlayer, has excellent transparency, Impact resistance strength,Penetraton resistance, Widely usedin aerospace, Automotive and high-rise building safety glass.

Related introduction:

Adhesive grade PVB resin:
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